Artist Statement

Choosing actions from ones daily routine and those found within a life passage, I am tying the space between art and personal history together with object and idea.

On an unconscious level the gestures according to ones possible roles in life are played out many years in advance of the actual events happening in our minds and in our play. From preparing a meal and washing a dish to placing a veil upon ones face, it is the actions that we anticipate much sooner then the significance of the actual event. Within the anticipation, something simple can become monumental, or vise versa; the monumental moment can become un-seen.

Choosing materials and employing their contemporary metaphors, my work stems from material manipulation and process. From cutting to mending, to weaving and stringing, I am creating sculptures which create a dialogue between the viewer and the preformative aspect of the object.

The preformative nature of the objects has lead to the actions and digital stills which give the created event more time to exist. The once fanciful idea of interacting with the sculpture is now a reality, with myself as the actor, the gestures which were primarily inspiration are now being created literally.